Sheffield UniversityLots of people know that Sheffield is a city in South Yorkshire, England. With a population of abut 1.5 million people, the metro area of this city is one of the largest in the country. However, there are some things that most people won’t learn abut Sheffield unless they live there.

Things Only Locals Usually Know About Sheffield

1. Locals Love To Call Each Other “Love”

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are, your gender, or your style of dress, other people will call you “Love.” It’s a pretty endearing habit that people in this city just have to get used to if they love it or not. It’s certainly better than just getting addressed as, “Hey, you…” Be prepared to get called Love when you ask strangers for directions or order in a pub.

2. Sheffield is Called Steel City For A Good Reason

Centuries ago, Chaucer mentioned knives from Sheffield in the famous Canterbury Tales. Today, the city’s economic base has expanded, but it’s still known for dominating steel production in the UK. The steel industry is a major deal to people in Sheffield.

3. Division Street Is The Place To Be Hip

The young and young at heart will find a great shopping opportunity along Division Street. It’s where shops appeal to the trendy and cool crowd. It’s a teen haven, and it’s a great place to visit to see what the young are up to and how they are dressing.

4. Fish Cake Means Something Else In Sheffield

Most people think that a fish cake might be something like a crab cake. However, people from Sheffield refer to a fish sandwich as a fish cake. The bread for this sandwich is actually made from a potato.

A Sheffield fish cake is an oily and breaded treat that must be what the fish taste like in heaven. Make sure to enjoy the real deal by ordering a fish cake combo.

5. Kelham Island Is Now Cool And Funky

In the old days, Kelham Island was mostly known for the Industrial Museum. That’s still there, but this part of the city has enjoyed plenty of renovations and the introduction of all sorts of new flats and hip bars. Rather than just being an educational destination, this part of town is also now cool.

Both visitors and locals can enjoy a fun pub crawl on Kelham Island. The city is known for its pubs and ales, so taking one of these pub tours can be a great way to really get a feeling for the social life of the city.

6. The Sheffield FC

What’s the oldest football (soccer) club in the entire planet? It’s the Sheffield Football Club that was established way back in 1857.

Besides Madrid, the Sheffield FC shares the distinction of being awarded the Order of Merit from the FIFA. People in Sheffield love their football, and they have loved it for a very long time.

7. Sheffield And The River SheafSheffield City

The name of the city is derived from the river that runs through trough the city of town. This river is called the River Sheaf, and it joins the River Don. Also, these two separate bodies of water form two of the boundaries of Sheffield Castle. The river is of great historical significance, but it’s also a source of flooding sometimes.

8. Sheffield Castle Has Been There A Long Time In One Form Or Another

Scholars believe that the current castle was built upon a site that was formerly used for an ancient longhouse. Also, a former castle was constructed in the 1000s after the Normans took over the area. That castle was mostly destroyed, and the current stone fortress was built in the 1200s.

One of the most historically significant residents was Mary Queen Of Scots. She was held prisoner in this castle and its estates for over a decade. In any case, a visit to Sheffield Castle is one of the highlights of a visit.

9. Other Cities Might Call Them Alleys

In Sheffield, the term for a small gap between buildings is known as a jennel. This specifically describes a small gap that can be walked through. This definition could seem trivial. However, it might come up if you are asking for directions from a local resident, so it’s wise to be aware of this local term.

10. People In Sheffield Expect You To Know What “Mardy” Means

If somebody in the city asks you if you are mardy, they think they are using an English word that everybody who speaks English should know. It actually came from a song by the Arctic Monkeys. In Sheffield, the term simply means grumpy. Yes, people in Sheffield are mostly friendly and love to call each other Love, but they can get mardy sometimes.

What Else Do Locals Know About Sheffield

This city has a rapidly expanding economic base and a growing population. Because of good public transportation, extensive renovations, and a unique local character, the city is growing as a place to live and a place to visit. There is no shortage of sights so see, entertainment, shopping, food, and lots more.

If you intend to come to Sheffield to live or visit, it will help to have a few insider tips to help ease your way. Trust us when we say that you will love it here!