Famous people born in SheffieldThe city of Sheffield has been able to gain worldwide fame thanks to films like The Full Monty. People from all across the globe are familiar with this Yorkshire town.

However, Sheffield isn’t just famous because of plays and movies. Many celebrities are from this city. Below, you’ll find a few of the many famous people who were born in Sheffield.

1. Sean Bean

Sean Bean has appeared in some of the most popular television shows and movies on the planet. He had a major role in the Lord of the Rings movies and played Eddard Stark on Game of Thrones. He’s one of Sheffield’s most famous residents and for good reason. He’s an excellent actor; that isn’t afraid to die on-screen.

2. Eddie Izzard

This hilarious comedian is known for his outrageous routines. What many people don’t know, however, is that he started out in Sheffield. His Yorkshire upbringing has had a significant influence on his comedy. He has appeared in films, television programs, and has toured across the world.

3. The Arctic Monkeys

The Arctic Monkeys is a very popular band that has had a number of his songs. However, before they were being played on the radio, they were playing at small pubs in Sheffield. The majority of the band’s members were born here, and this is where they first started out. They’re one of several Sheffield bands to achieve international success.

4. A. S. Byatt

A. S. Byatt has been described as one of Britain’s finest writers. Many of her novels, such as The Game, have been turned into major motion pictures. She has also published a great deal of short fiction.

5. Joe Cocker

Joe Cocker’s gritty voice helped to make him a music icon. Songs like “You Are So Beautiful” and “Up Where We Belong” are widely played on the radio to this day. His influence on the music world won’t be forgotten.

6. Angela Carter

Angela Carter was a British writer known for her dark and distinctive style. One of her novels, Night At The Circus, was named the greatest-ever winner of the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Carter wrote novels, short stories, and children’s fiction.

7. Joe Elliot

The frontman of the band Def Leppard got his start in Sheffield. Elliot was also a member of the David Bowie tribute band Cybernauts. Elliot helped to shape the British heavy metal movement, and also had an impact on heavy metal overseas.

8. Brian Glover

While not everyone will recognize Brian Glover by name, many people will recognise his face. This British character actor has appeared in films and TV shows, including An American Werewolf in London. Before turning to acting, Glover worked as a professional wrestler.

9. Bruce Dickinson

Believe it or not, the lead singer of Iron Maiden was born and raised in Sheffield. Iron Maiden is considered by many to be one of the most influential bands of all time. Songs like “Flight Of The Icarus” receive international radio play to this very day.

10. Si Spencer

Comic book writer Si Spencer is particularly well known for his work with Marvel Comics. He has written stories for many popular characters, including Wolverine and Deadpool. He has also written for several British television programs, including EastEnders.

As you can see, a perhaps surprising number of internationally known stars have their origins in Sheffield. This is clearly a city where stars are born! Maybe it’s the air, the greenness of the city or just the growing positivity and international connections we have here. The world would be a very different place if not for Sheffield.